Friday, April 3, 2015


    "Dr. Franklin DeDe" <>

Attn: Sir/Madam.

Please accept my sincere apology for this unsolicited mail to you, I am contacting you for a business I have with my company. The company I work for is into manufacturing of pharmaceutical Products here in United Kingdom.

In all the products we produce here, we use raw materials from India and Pakistan but there is one particular Raw Material that I normally come to buy in India on behalf of the Company but right now, I have been promoted to a higher position (Manager) in the Company which does not give me the opportunity to come to India to buy the Raw Materials.

Now, the Company Director is now seeking from me the Contact information of the Supplier from where I buy the Raw Materials since they cannot send me to India again to buy the Raw Materials as a result of my new position in the Company, they now need to send a more Junior Staff of the Company who will come to India to buy the Raw Materials.

Now, I need a person who I will present to our Company as the Supplier, you will now buy the Raw Materials from the Local dealer and supply to my Company. The profit will be shared between you and I. The reason why I don't want the company to have direct contact with the local dealer in India is because I don't want my company to know the actual price I was buying the product from the local Dealer in India.

If you are interested kindly contact me for more details. Through this email id:


Dr.Franklin Dede
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hello My Friend,

    "Ahmed Gold" <>

Hello My Friend,

It is my pleasure to inform you that I have some au gold dust and bars for sales and I am glad to send to you this mail for your consideration to purchase the Goods from me locally here in my office in Ivory Coast

Well as for the moment i have 200kgs and I am selling 1 kg at the rate of $ 30,000 usd
Please let me know your interest, my prices are below international market,

while the purity is 97.05% pure. The sources of my gold is from cote d ivoire ,ghana & liberia.

Finally, I as the seller is ready and willing to sign contract agreement with the buyer for the period of any months if he wishes to do so. We have all the legal documentation.

Waiting for your reply
Mr Ahmed
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Saturday, January 31, 2015


    "Sgt Anthony Victor" <>

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Sgt Anthony Victor, I have a good business proposal for you. There are no risks involved and it is easy. Please reply

for briefs and procedures.

Best regards,

Sgt Anthony Victor

Please reply to
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